Industrial Roller Shutters

You could describe Industrial Shutter Solutions as our 'bread and butter'.
DY Shutters started in this industry, and are proud to still be serving our industrial customers.

DY Shutters started in this sector of the industry, You could describe Industrial Shutters as our 'bread and butter'

We are proud to still be serving our industrial customers at the highest of standards.


Available in an array of colours to fit the aesthetic of your business.


The durability of these doors with regular servicing are second to none.


Available with both manual and electric handling, we can fit an Industrial Shutter anywhere from a haybarn in the middle of nowhere or on a car park in the city centre.

  • Are the doors just for factories?

    Simply..No. Due to the variety in sizes Industrial Roller Shutters can be used on anything from small storage solutions to aircraft hangers.

  • Will the door cope with the weather conditions my unit is vulnerable to?

    Farms, warehouses and factories can be exposed to strong winds and this becomes a key factor in the specification of the roller shutter used. With single or double skinned curtains available to offer the choice in strength based on your circumstances.

  • We open our door over 20 times a day, will this be compatible?

    Yes, A three phase electric motor drive can be used for frequent use throughout the day. Or a single phase motor is available for low usage.

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What is an Industrial Roller Shutter?

Roller shutters are one of the most common security solutions for industrial premises. Why? Because they’re one of the best ways to do the job, regardless of the size of your premises’ doors, loading bays, windows or other openings.

Our industrial roller shutters are available in a range of shapes or sizes to make it simple for our clients to get the support they need. They can be fitted internally and externally according to the needs of the client, and are easy to operate with high-speed opening when required.




CE Marking

Since 2013 it has become mandatory for all new Roller Shutter doors (excluding Fire Rated) to be CE Marked in accordance with BS EN 13241-1:2003.

The regulations cover vitally important areas such as safe-opening, wind-loading, operating forces and mechanical resistance and stability. As standard all our Manual, Electric Operated, Insulated and Aluminium Roller Shutters come with a ‘Declaration of Performance’ and are CE Marked. Not only does this conform to all the relevant legislation but it also helps to inform you about the quality of the door you are having installed for your business.