Fire Shutters + Curtains

Protection for your building


A fire can cause devastation and completely destroy your entire property and everything within it. But, did you know that shutters can protect your commercial and industrial premises from this, by providing an effective barrier against fire?

Fire Shutters

A fire shutter can prevent the spread of a fire by up to 4 hours when compared to your typical shutter. The time frame is significant in helping to ensure people get out of the building safely and reducing the damage that fire can cause. Shutters can be used to section off and protect particular parts of a building, the whole building and even provide protection between floors with horizontal fire shutters.

  • Increased Protection

    If you already have fire safety measures in place, fire shutters can give you extra protection and prevent fires from spreading so rapidly and cutting potential losses.

  • Discretion

    When not in use, Fire Shutters are out of the way but still giving you peace of mind if the worst were to happen.

  • Solutions

    We offer a variety of fire shutters to suit your needs and budget.

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Fire & Smoke Curtains

Our fire and smoke curtains can help make sure that you meet your safety requirements. If an emergency should happen, our fire curtains can help minimise the damage by containing the fire and smoke, preventing it from spreading as quickly.

All buildings need to meet fire and safety standard and fire and smoke curtains can support your wider measures.

Smoke and fire curtains can be incorporated into your existing safety systems to provide an added layer of protection. We can install a curtain that will work when your current alarms go off.

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